Great Read: Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

power of habit

Why did I read this?

To make improvements with how I spend my time. Frustrated with my lack of productivity in both work and personal lives. I wanted to know what I could learn about about habits in order to help my own life.

What’s the TL:DR?

To convey the concept of habit, Charles Duhigg clearly outlines the components of what makes a habit: cue, routine, reward. It uses interesting scientific examples and notable real world stories to help you understand.

Was it worth reading?

Yes –¬†full of interesting facts, anecdotes and practical advice. I was surprised at the profoundly large impact habits have in our life and how little I really knew about it until this point.

It has completely changed my way of thinking and how I can go about cutting out bad habits and adding good ones. I’ve used it to wake up an hour earlier every day to meditate & journal (more to come about the benefits of this later!). And I was a hardened night owl, so it really proves the power of knowledge.

NB – I listened to this via Audible, but you can pick it up over on Amazon:
The Power Of Habit: How to Create Good Habits & Break Bad Habits

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