Blinkist App – Glorified Cliffnotes (In a Good Way)

Do you ever hear people talk about a particular book with enthusiasm and think to yourself ‘I could potentially like this book’. But then you never do for whatever reason. You could be missing out on something life-changing, but you’ll never know now. What if you could take in the key points by looking at your phone for your 15 minutes (instead of Facebook or Reddit) and discover that yeah, this is interesting and yeah, it would be worth buying the book and reading the whole thing!

Blinkist – 15min Text Taster

Blinkist is a mobile app that attempts to summarise the best non-fiction books into quick digestable 15 minute reads. Topics vary from business and entrepreneurship, to psychology, parenting and science.

You’ll find most of top books in these areas, such as ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’, ‘The 5 Love Languages’ and ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’. From what I can tell, new books are added almost everyday too.

The Extended Back Page

If you read a lot of non-fiction, you’ll definitely read a few that have one really good point. Which is interesting and mind-blowing but really only needs a couple chapters to fully grasp, not the 15-20 that the book has. Yet you read the whole book, waiting for the 2nd nugget of gold to rise to the top but it never does.

Blinkist highlights and summarise key points to make it super easy to determine whether or not it buying the book would be a good investment of your time & money. This means you can read dozens of blinks, sifting out the chaff, whilst still gleaning the best bits to wisdom apply in your life. There’s even a nifty highlight function to keep track such bits. It’s perfect for those risky picks which don’t come highly recommended but you suspect could be interesting.

The Good for Your Mind Alternative

We all spend far too much time mindlessly browsing the web. Which is fine, sometimes you need to turn off your brain or keep up with current events. But if you’re like me, you find yourself doing it way too much, addiction territory levels.

In order to change this habit (as I learnt from The Habit Loop), it’s easier to change a bad by simply replace the bad routine with something better. But it has to be simple, easy and also rewarding. Blinkist does this perfectly, the icon on my homescreen catches my eye & the information I gather makes it rewarding and gives me a feeling of growth. Unlike some other sites (ahem, Facebook, news media sites), which get me wound up, angry (righteously, of course) or just frustrated.

So, Why Not?

It is free!  You get 1 book a day but it’s pre-selected for you. There are two priced versions:

  • For $50 annually you get to select the books for yourself, read them offline and can listen to one pre-selected each day (see the trend…)! – this is what I’m on, they got me when I signed up to the free trial
  • Then for the $70 option you also get to select everything all on your own!

You might think $50 sounds like a lot, but compare it to the cost of a text book you bought from university, or 25 coffees. Then think about how much value you gain from it and really, it’s a pretty good deal.  For our lack of attention spans, it’s the ideal app to get you back into reading, learning, growing and basically becoming a better human being.

My favourite Blink: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (I bought the book)

Find out more about Blinkist & get the iOS & Android app here

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