Bitcoin Hype – First Let’s Learn the Blockchain

Bitcoin, you might have heard of it recently in the news thanks to it’s explosive (and bubble’ish) growth in value from about March this year (000’s of %). It’s understandable that the $$$ value is what gets everyone’s attention but what most don’t understand is the technology behind it: Blockchain.

The thing is, it difficult to understand, hard to explain & that’s one of the biggest barriers to the mass market right now. I was aware of it at a high level but my interest was peaked after I listened to a podcast by Tim Ferris where he interviews Nick Szabo. It became glaringly apparent the potential of blockchain tech was massive and I needed to learn more. As momentous as the advent of the internet, some might even say.

So here’s a list of the best books, podcasts, videos and websites I’ve come across:

On the more academic side:

I have also found there is a lot of noise as speculators get excited about the value of tokens. There is quite a lot of tribalism between and within each cryptocurrency, as everyone has vested interests, which distract from the underlying potential of creating real world value. So keep that in mind if you venture into subreddits or other blockchain crypto forums. In saying that, I have gleaned some insights from various subreddits, so here’s my list:

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